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Cut Resistant Kitchen Gloves for Knives. Do They Work? Yes! No More Avocado Wounds!

Updated: Sep 22, 2018

5/5 stars since the ceramic knife did not cut through the glove and slice my husband's hand.

The product did exactly what it said it was going to do.

Who else has scars from oyster shucking, cutting avocados, cheese grating? Cooking bonuses! The gloves are machine washable, just let them drip dry. The product description says they are safer than Kevlar with a Level 5 EN388 cut protection... that was just mumbo jumbo to me. I did a quick google search. EN388 is European Standards, not American Standards so 'Level 5' can apparently vary. If you're buying these for anything other than basic kitchen work I'd do some research into it because this article said the European tests are not as specific as the American tests. The product description goes on to tell you more information so give it a thorough read. I don't plan on doing any knife trickery so these 'cut resistant gloves' will work for us.

My husband talked about the size and how it fits his hand. These are a large, but he could have done with a medium. If you're a woman buying these gloves I would recommend getting a small. They have the knit feel of my texting friendly gloves, but slightly thicker.

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