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Dimensions Aromatherapy Fragrance Box and Diffuser Review!

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

Dimensions Fragrance 'Your Scent - Your Story'

Scent is the most impactful sense we have. It has the power to evoke deep emotion, enhance your mood, trigger a far beyond memory and reduce your anxiety. Dimensions believes in individual expression through scent to create memorable personal connections.

With Dimensions home fragrances, you have the choice to personalize their aromatherapy fragrances or choose from their collections of diffusers and wall plug-ins. All collections are crafted by a master perfumer with 100% natural essential oils. A fragrance diffuser box will last up to 4 months starting at $24.99, and if you use my link you get 20% off!

I chose the Relaxation Collection with the Dark Wood Diffuser, and I love it! It was very easy to set up. Watch my quick 1-minute video on how to get started with your Dimensions Diffuser here.

So what comes in your Dimensions Fragrance Collection Box? 1 Fragrance Diffuser with 3 AA batteries included(!) and 3  Fragrance Refills (20ml each). Dimensions fragrance refills are only compatible with your Dimensions fragrance device. The battery operated diffuser would also make a great car fragrance diffuser as well a home fragrance diffuser!

I chose Relaxation because I love herbal and woody scents. When I smelled the fragrance for the first time I thought they nailed it with their description: "Fresh, aromatic hand-picked herbs with rich herbal notes of chamomile, clary sage, rosemary and eucalyptus accented with authentic warm and fresh woods." I highly recommend this scent if you like subtle woodsy fragrances.

Regardless of what setting you have your aromatherapy diffuser on, the diffuser will be “on” for eight hours and then shut off for the following eight hours. When the diffuser is on, it will release bursts of fragrance mist in intervals. For the minimum setting, the device will mist for four seconds every 17 minutes. For medium setting, the device will mist for five seconds every 12 minutes. And for the maximum setting, the fragrance will release a mist for six seconds every 10 minutes.

Dimensions offers both Free Shipping and Free Returns and don't forget an extra 20% off with my link! Shop Dimensions Collections today and if you're looking for a great personalized gift idea looking into their Personalized Fragrance Box or E-Gift Card!

I received my Dimensions Fragrance Box at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion of the product. This post contains affiliate links. Receive 10% off your order today.

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