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Wash Your Face: Earthen Skincare InstantPeel™ Exfoliant Review

Updated: Sep 22, 2018

The directions are as follows:

Use this about 5 minutes into a hot shower. It is going to work optimally when your skin is moist and supple. Squeeze a small amount of the InstantPeel™ on your fingers and massage it firmly on your face in sections. I start with my forehead, then I work down to my cheeks, chin, and then my nose. Whichever area you’re massaging the instant peel onto rub it back and forth firmly, the peeling process will begin and keep doing this until that area is done peeling. This exfoliant only peels away dead skin so it’s safe for sensitive skin as it won’t peel away living skin. When you’ve finished your whole face, rinse thoroughly! If anything is left over just wash it with your facial cleanser or soap and water.


Earthen says to use CelluMoist or Instant Peptide moisturizer after using this mask for optimum effects. I didn’t have those, so I just used my own daily moisturizer.

I have oily skin so I would do an InstantPeel™ once a week (sometimes twice a week) if you have normal skin use 1 peel every 2 weeks and if you have sensitive or dry skin, use 1 peel every 3 weeks.

I use an exfoliating facial cleanser every day and I was amazed the first peel I did how much dead skin came off! I LOVE this peel. Like, love it. Right before I took this video I took a hot 20-minute shower and used an exfoliating facial wash paired with my Foreo Luna Mini that I use daily and I was surprised at the dead skin. Check out this video to see my first peel:

After multiple peels, I am still really in love with this product. My face always feels SO clean every time I use this. I just sit three and touch it and whisper, ‘so soft’ to myself haha. I look forward to my weekly (and sometimes bi-weekly) mask! I use them once a week, and one packet gets me 3 uses and there are 6 packets in a box. One box lasts me about 4 and a half months or 2 and a half if I use them twice a week. The results are amazing! I love it! It is definitely worth a try, for sure!

Shop Instant Peel Natural Dead Skin Remover by Earthen on Amazon Prime:http://amzn.to/2qPN412

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