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Pokemon Bedroom Decor and Bathroom Decor Ideas!

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

My 10-year-old step-son comes to stay with his dad and me in the summer. He has a lot of interests, but one of his favorite things is Pokemon. Before he arrived this summer, I re-did his room with all things Pokemon! If you're looking for Pokemon Bedroom Decor and/or Pokemon Bathroom Decor items, check these items out from Target, Amazon, and the Wish App!

Let's start with the bathroom:

Pokemon Bath Rug from Target for $14.99! It is a super fun bathroom run for Pokemon fans. It's made from 100% durable cotton. It's 26" x 26" and the perfect size for in front of a sink vanity or to be used as a shower mat. It is spot clean only vs. washing it, which is a bit troubling because it has a white section that you know will inevitability get dirty. That is the only drawback from this mat.

Charmander Pikachu Bulbasaur Squirtle Bathmat from Wish.com for $10.00! This Bathmat is thinner than the average one you can buy on Amazon, but it's perfect for a Pokemon lover and still good quality. It is 15.7" x 23.6" (40x60 cm), which is not far from the Buying anything on Wish can be a little nerve-racking, because you're taking a gamble. Thankfully, they are continually making their App and Website better each day. I have placed 39 orders so far with Wish and only had one item go missing, and they refunded me right away. I have nothing bad to say, although I am aware of the many bad experiences involving the platform. My advice is to buy items that either has photos or excellent reviews or both. I have noticed some people will give an item a 5-star review when it is actually a 1-star review so that the review does not get buried and people can find them. So make sure to read the reviews carefully and don't just go off the star rating. That has saved me a couple of times. Back to this Pokemon Bathmat! I placed the order for this bathmat on 5/15/2018, and it arrived 5/22/2018 which was way ahead of the estimated arrival of June 10th. I received an email when my order was processed, another when it shipped with the tracking number, another when it arrived at US Customs, and another the day it came in the mail.

2 Pokemon Bath Towels from Target for $10.99 and 4 Washcloths for $5.99! They are super soft, excellent quality, 100% cotton, machine washable, and just super fun for your Pokemon fan! The towels are 50" x 28" and the washcloths are 12" x 12"! Note: even though the Target link says 'Pokemon Bath Towels and Washcloths' for $10.99, you only get 2 Towels and have to purchase the 4 Washcloths for $5.99 additionally. The title is deceptive.

The Pillowfort™ 'Brush Your Teeth' Toothbrush Holder ($7.99) and 'Wash Your Hands' Foaming Soap Dispenser ($7.99) are both from Target. The best things about these two items are how big they are and also how thick the plastic is. Very durable! Pillowfort™ also has another color option (here and here) for a girl's bathroom and matching wastebaskets for both (here and here)!

I bought the 5 Pack of Pokemon Watercolor Prints on Amazon for $19.99. The watercolor prints are 8" x 10", and the frame is not included. The prints are printed on a high gloss photo paper, so they are not watercolor matte prints. I am thinking of buying the Pokemon Ever Evolution Watercolor 11" x 14" on Amazon as well, but 5 for $19.99 was the better buy! I picked up five simple black frames at the Dollar Tree at $1 each for these prints.

Pokemon Hooded Bath Towel from Target for $14.99! The towel is also much shorter in height than I was expecting. It is 24" x 50". It is still a great towel and fits the theme of his bathroom well, so I am still happy with the purchase. It is 100% cotton and machine washable. When I washed it for the first the black on the tip of Pikachu's ears bled a little onto the yellow, so I wasn't a big fan of that.

You can shop Target's Pokemon Bathroom Collection here. I got Dominic everything in the collection minus the Pokemon Shower Curtain because we have a sliding door tub/shower. The Pokemon Trash Bin I put into his bedroom as you will see later.

Moving on the bedroom:

These Pokemon Sheet Set from Target for $29.99 (Full Size) are so soft! They are 100% polyester (microfiber) and silky in feeling with a thread count of 170, but they feel softer than that count for sure. The set came with a top and bottom sheet and two pillowcases (with two different pattern designs on each side so you can mix and match). The sheet set pattern print is fun, machine washable, and great quality!

The Reversible Pokemon Quilt Comforter Bedding also came from Target! Sadly, it looks like the Pokeball style is no longer available on their website. I picked mine up in the store for $49.99, but they do have this awesome one available for $32.49! The Full/Queen Quilt is 86" x 90". It is 100% microfiber and surprisingly soft and cozy. It's perfect for all seasons. The Pokeball Quilt Set came with a single pillow sham (20" x 26") that matched the comforter.

The Pokemon Pikachu Blanket is from Target for $24.99 and is Twin sized at 90" x 62". I got him this blanket in the store, but online they have a smaller size Pokemon Pikachu Throw (46" x 60") for $14.99 and also a different Pokemon Pikachu Bed Blanket for $24.99 sized 86" x 62" and this Charmander Pikachu Bulbasaur Squirtle Bed Blanket sized 60" x 46" for $19.99! More to consider for bedding is this Pikachu Throw Pillow, Pikachu Yellow & Blue Comforter, Pokemon Pokeball Pillow, and more here.

The Pokemon LightSwitch Cover is from Amazon for $8.99 + $4.50. Unfortunately, it is not Prime. The LightSwitch was also not near as vibrant as the picture portrayed and lesser quality than the image. Dominic likes it though. There are a couple of different items on Amazon including wall outlet plates as well. From my research on Amazon, I couldn't find any with customer images, so I took a chance. Hope you find one you love!

The Pokemon Bathroom Wastebasket is from Target for $14.99! It is the standard smaller size of 8" x 10" x 8"! I was really pleased with it, and it makes a great addition to his bedroom, and would a bathroom as well.

One of my favorite items from his room is his Pokemon Name Decal! We purchased the 55" name for $39.99 over the 25.5" name for $19.99. The colors are vibrant and it's super awesome! Let's talk putting it on the wall. I highly recommend you go into this process when you're in a good mood, because it's 10/10 annoying to do because it is all connected. There are no breaks in the letters. We placed his name on the top of his wall, above his TV so ladders were involved. We attempted a couple of ways to get it on, but the last one was the best. First, measure exactly where you want it and make sure it's level before you begin. Clean the wall with a dry cloth/towel before applying to make sure it's dust free. Peel the first letter off the white backing and fold the white backing behind itself. Have one person pull the white backing slowly as the other person rubs the sticker onto the wall. The good news is before we did it this way, we had the D and O on the wall, then had to peel it off and re-apply and it stuck perfectly! Nothing ripped even though parts of the sticker stuck to itself a couple times. So go slow and steady. The whole process maybe took us 30 minutes and if my husband and I ever get a divorce it's because we attempted to put another one of these up again (...just kidding). It was totally worth it in the end!

Dominic is a gamer through and through. As I was ordering all his Pokemon stuff on Target, I saw this Pillowfort™ Rocking Gaming Chair for $44.99 and fell in love. The colors and pixel look were my jam, and I knew it would match his room perfectly! When he saw it, he had no idea what type of chair it was, but he said it was 'awwwwweeesommmeeee.' He's used it quite a bit and loves it. It was well worth the money! He says it is very comfortable and "feels like it's full of memory foam," which it is 100% foam filling! The texture is 100% cotton with a plywood frame. It weighs 15 pounds and folds in half with a velcro snap on the back to keep it together. This gaming chair is non-audio, but you can get an audio one on Target, Amazon, or wherever!

The Minecraft TNT Red Cube Cushion (14" x 14") is from Target for $19.99. They do make a Pokemon Gray Cube Cushion, but I thought the Minecraft TNT cushion went better with the Gaming Chair! The cushion is stuffed to the brim and has kept its shape so far. He uses it to either sit on or rest his feet on when he's in his Gaming Chair.

The Pokemon Pikachu 3D LET Night Light is on Amazon for $14.15. It is much smaller than expected! It is 10" x 7" x 2", but it is still cool! It has seven colors (red, green, blue, yellow, pink, white, cyan/teal) and you can choose one color or have them gradually change. It is fragile, so be careful.

The Blue Lava Lite Lamp is from Target for $18.29! It comes with a small bulb already and is 14.5" x 3.5" x 3.5". Fun Fact: You can make a custom Lava Lamp on the Original Lava Lamp website!

The Color Changing Speaker is from Amazon for $29.99. It has excellent sound quality and vibrant colors! The color choices are two or three color gradient, neon colors, colors that move to the music, colors that move to a slow beat, Tetris colors. It is Bluetooth, wireless, or AUX cord capable. Use the USB cord to plug it into your laptop/computer or wall charger. It comes with an auto timer that shuts it off in 20 minutes if you want to use it before you go to sleep. It has a 2000mAh battery that lasts for up to 8 hours of non-stop playing time with lights active!

The Fillable Glass Table Lamp is from Target for $19.99! We originally bought this a while ago and was going to fill it with wine corks, but we re-purposed it, and now it's filled with Legos for his desk! If you don't have a bucket of Legos, you can buy one of their Creative Brick Boxes for a reasonable price on Amazon; they have multiple sizes.

The Star Wars Force Awakens BB-8 is a sipper cup we bought at Disney World in the park for an unlimited drink refill special a couple of years ago. Dominic didn't really use it for drinking out of, so it's now room decor! You can grab one on Amazon for $38.99. There are some cheaper options on eBay as well starting at $15.99.

The Pokemon Kanto Poster is from Target for $7.99 or from Amazon for $5.79! It is 22.375" x 34" and I bought this 24" x 36" Room Essentials Black Poster Frame from Target for $9.99 for it. Target has more Pokemon poster choices to choose from here, and Amazon has a plethora of options here.

The Pokemon Pikachu Peel & Stick Wall Decals were from Target for $8.69! You get 9 Pikachus and 3 Pokeballs! They were so easy to put on the wall. I was really pleased with how big they were as well! Another great Pikachu option is on Amazon for $12.64.

The Pokemon X and Y Character Wall Decals were from Amazon for $8.18. They were also easy to put up! The decals range in size with the largest being 17" wide and 9.5" high. For $8, we are happy! You can see the sizes in the image. They are quite thin so be careful taking them off the background and putting them on the wall. None of ours ripped, but they very easily could. A couple of other choices I looked at before buying these were: this one, this one, and this one.

Dominic is using my old Pottery Barn Kids Shadowbox Desk and Dresser. This year, we took advantage of Snapfish's 100 Free Prints (just pay shipping) and printed off images of some of his favorite things (Pokemon, Minecraft, Robloxs, Fortnite, Zelda, and more) to fill up the desk and dresser shadowbox!

We lined his closet with a LED Light Strip that you can control with an app on your smartphone or Alexa to turn on/off, change colors, and change the color pattern. Sidenote: click here to get $10 off Echo Dot or here to get $20 off a Certified Refurbished Echo Plus.

I found the Lasko 20" Blue Box Fan at Walmart for only $16.88! I'm so glad I searched on Walmart because Amazon charges $28.13! That's more than $10 saved at Walmart! You can save big on fans and air conditioners at Walmart, this summer here! Most of their prices even beat out Amazon!

I also put this Teal 300ml Essential Oil Diffuser from Amazon for $16.99 in his room! I got him this Kid's Essential Oil Set from Amazon for $17.99. It includes Calm Body/Calm Mind, Grapefruit, Lavender, Harmony Blend, Key Lime (his favorite), and Spearmint. He also has this Kid's Essential Oil Bracelet.

The end of Dominic's Pokemon Room Makeover!

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