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Sanare Smart CBD SPORT Advanced Topical Pain Relief Cream Review!

Like most of us, I have an injury that still gives us issues. I fell rollerblading, as a child, and when I landed the corner of a cinder block went into my knee cap and messed up the cartilage in my knee. It's my 'bad knee' now, and usually, when I fall on it, it takes a couple of weeks to heal and get back to normal. Recently, a couple of weeks ago I was walking into a restaurant on a rainy day, and I didn't see the pool of water on the tile floor in the entrance, and I hydroplaned right onto my bad knee. It was a pretty bad fall, so it's hurting me weeks later. Not enough that I can't walk, but enough that I am careful about how I use it.

I received five samples of Sanare Smart's CBD Sport Advanced Topical Pain Relief Cream and decided to try it out on my knee every day after my shower. I had been using a mix between Arnica and Calendula gel rubs, which usually works while I'm careful with my knee. Because I had an existing injury, it was the perfect time to try these samples out to see if they even worked!

TL;DR: It did work! You can read more testimonials here and get 20% off here with referral code KATEDRESS.

When I opened the first 7mg sample, I was expecting more of a 'smell' than there was. I looked at the sample lap report that came with my samples, and the lack of smell comes from no THC, it's just CBD, but the aerobic platelet count on the lab report shows that the product was 'not dead,' and there was a Terpene profile, but it would not compare to a medical cannabis product at all. If you're looking for some of the benefits of pain relief from CBD from no THC, this is an excellent product choice for you. Sanare Smart lets you view the lab reports of every batch of every product they make via their website! That is AMAZING!

The cream is a cannabinoid infused Organic Certified Coconut Oil and Shea Butter with Cinnamon, Clove, Peppermint, Arnica, Terpenes, Apricot Kernel, Sunflower Oils, and Aloe Vera. Learn more about their ingredients here.

The Sanare Smart pain relief cream applied nicely. It was cooling and left no residue or greasy substance behind once it was rubbed in. I liked that. I used 1 sample package per day and focused all of it on my bad knee and used a little bit of the remainder on my other knee since I was overcompensating use of it to avoid using my bad knee.

All in all, I am a fan of this cream. On day 1/5 I felt it was up to par with my Arnica and Calendula Gel I had been using. I did notice that at the end of day 2/5 there was less movement restriction with my knee and overall tension was better. Before my knee didn't want to bend fully, and as I was standing up from using the bathroom I stopped and realized I had no issue with bending to sit down or stand up with my knee. That was the first moment I noticed a difference since using the cream. On day 4/5 I noticed my knee was still sore, but it was not hurting anymore. I was not restricting or overcompensating using my other knee anymore. Overall, I felt like the samples made a difference in the healing process of my knee, and I am so glad to have found Sanare Smart. I was thankful I had five days of samples to this product out.

You can use Sanare Smart's cream 2-3x a day on the affected area. I used 1x per day after my shower in the morning. I probably would have seen greater benefit using it 2-3x a day, but 1x per day did bring improvement. In total, I received 35 mg of sample product. They are selling 100 mg (1oz) for $20.00 on their website. They are also offering 2oz ($36.00), 4oz ($60.00), 8oz ($90.00) options as well. Sanare Smart is giving you 20% off your purchase at checkout by using this link: https://dealspotr.com/getcode/mOxGX. If you were to do the 8oz option with the 20% discount, your total is $72.00, and you're paying $9.00 per oz. vs. $20, which is a fantastic deal! If you're local to California, you can find them in certain stores here.

If you have questions about Sanare Smart, you can browse their FAQ section here. They also offer you the ability to become a distributor of their product! Learn how to do business with Sanare Smart here.

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