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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Unicorn Lovers

Updated: Sep 22, 2018

Some of the best Unicorn items from Amazon for all ages!

View the full list here.

"Very well made! Great value for the price! Absolutely a highlight for my daughter's room. LOVE it :)." -Amazon Customer

"Super cute and works great for kids afraid of the dark. They can decide how bright or dim and there's a timer so it will shut off after they fall asleep if needed. The remote lets the kids decide when they need it on and when they don't. Love!" -Amazon Customer

"I like this little night light. I love the small size and the fact that it's cordless. Makes it easy to take to grandparent's house. Very lightweight and provides the right amount of light. What I did not like so much was the super tiny screw they used for the battery compartment. You cant use a regular Philips screwdriver to take it out. You need those special watch repair ones. Luckily I had some craft screwdrivers that were tiny and it worked. I also wish it was rechargeable or it used an AA or AAA battery since most of us have it available. It has a 15-minute timer which is helpful, but if you plan on using this all night, get something else. The battery will die in about 2 days." -Amazon Customer

Also, comes in black, pink, blue, and red.

"Suit for 5 years to 16 years kids, boys, or girls. It was a gift to our 6 year old granddaughter and she loves unicorns. Beautifully made! It runs large enough for an adult but I knew this from other people's comments. It is something to cuddle up in. She feels "hugged by a unicorn." She can wear it out in the snowy weather and it wraps around her like a muffler. She loves it! It made a big hit!" -Amazon Customer

"I was afraid it would be too small, but it's perfect for me. I'm 5'4" and it fits great and keeps me warmer and looks cute." -Amazon Customer

"I ordered this for my niece. It came packaged wrapped in a ribbon which was a perfect touch. The fabric is super soft yet durable which is perfect for my active niece! She loves how it turns her into a unicorn and keeps her warm with the cold winter. She now asks to have it with her during her naps and at bedtime! Highly recommend!!!" -Amazon Customer

"I honestly love this weather so much, and I ordered it a size bigger to get the bigger sweater feeling, it's soft yet warm on the inside, so it's perfect for when I wear it with some boots and comfy pants! I would definitely buy this again ❤❤." -Amazon Customer

"I thought it would be too big since I got it for my teen but it actually fit perfect!" -Amazon Customer

"Bought this as a Secret Santa gift for a co-worker. They're adorable! Colors are true, and material is high quality." -Amazon Customer

"Very cute. Got for my daughter for stocking stuffer for Christmas. Was surprised at the packaging. Came in a great little box. Easy to wrap." -Amazon Customer

"Love these socks. I have gotten tons of compliments. Nice bright colors." -Amazon Customer

Review for 'One Size': "Love these leggings! Im a size 13/14 women's US. They are very soft and very stretchy. Might buy another pair <3." -Amazon Customer

Review for 'Plus Size': "I'm an adult woman with large hips. I bought these fully expecting to have to return them. I took them out of the package and tried to stretch out the waist band and thought "yea, no way." I sat down on the edge of the bed, and slid them up my legs. They fit. Easily. These fit my size 18 jeans wearing booty. I don't know what magic took place here, but they fit. And they are comfortable and so, so soft. I am in literal shock. I ran out of the bedroom and told my husband to "pet my soft unicorn butt." I am beyond happy. Buying more immediately." -Amazon Customer

"Have to my 9 year old niece for her unicorn themed bday and she absolutely loved it! We later painted it together to match her room and it was easy to paint and dried quickly. A little on the pricey side on my opinion but it is a 2 in 1 gift. A paint project and room decoration. She loves that she did it herself :)." -Amazon Customer

"OMGGGGG these were AMAZING! The quality was way better than expected. We ordered 25 pcs total and every pc we received was in excellent condition. They were worn by 7-10 year olds for our daughters unicorn birthday party. These were WAY better priced and quality than ones I saw at Party City. Very Very Happy." -Amazon Customer

"I got these as a gift for my 10 year old daughter's best friend and she loved them!" -Amazon Customer

"I would buy this Frozen bomb over and over again if there were different necklaces that I could choose! It was a HUGE fizz that took around five minutes to complete. It made the water a beautiful blue with white foam and blue swirls. I have a steam bathroom and I opened the door so the entire house smelled amazing. Gentle on my three year olds sensitive skin; she came out of the tub super soft. My tweenager was so jealous, she hopped in the tub too. It didn’t stain my children or tub. The presentation box was very gift worthy! I so hope Two Sisters will expand their surprise line of bombs and I will exclusively purchase from them. The necklace is a great quality and a sweet cameo of the Frozen sisters. For the price, I could not have been happier." -Amazon Customer

"These are fair at best band aids but omg.... They have unicorn magic. Any kid who gets one of these cheers up right away. These are so friggin cute that I want to put them all over my house like wall paper. The tin is awesome too. I highly recommend these." -Amazon Customer

"This is so pretty... it's cute enough for young children but mature enough for preteens and some teens. The quality is exceptional and attention to detail is rare. Each strand of string (sorry don't know the actual material names) has its own uniqueness which adds to the quality. The charms are in the bracelet... not just 'pressed' or 'glued' on which tends to be the common theme with kids jewelry. I'm so excited to give this as a gift for Easter. Don't hesitate to purchase this item. It's worth it! And honestly, I thought the price was a tad much... until it came. Then I knew it was worth the money. I know generally speaking its not a lot... but typically kids jewelry only lasts a few wears before it breaks... and they tend to be $5-$45. This, on the other hand, will last a long time. But even more so, it's so unique and crafted well... it's so bright and beautiful... I can't say enough about it. It's just pretty." -Amazon Customer

"I got this as a gift for a 13 yo’s Birthday. She loves horses and unicorns and I thought this would be perfect for her. It came exactly as showed & she loved it. The chain is a nice size and she can wear other longer necklaces with it as well." -Amazon Customer

"My daughter loves Unicorn! So when I saw this ring I had to buy it. Although it's an adult size (6) it can be made a size bigger or smaller so it is a perfect fit for her. She was so happy when she saw it. It also comes in a nice box and the price is perfect!" -Amazon Customer

"I really love it!!! It's so cute and beautiful. I put my rings and earrings on it. Looks so gorgeous." -Amazon Customer

"Cute earrings for an 8 year old and you can’t beat the price! Keep in mind it’s kid's costume jewelry so don’t expect high quality. They were exactly what I expected them to be and was happy with my purchase!" -Amazon Customer

"This product is amazing!! I got the product with no damage and it was in perfect condition! I love the style of this bottle and how friendly the price is! The quality is outstanding and I hope to buy another one in the future! I highly recommend this product to anyone who like high end to go bottles for a great price!" -Amazon Customer

Leak proof, no sweat, double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel rainbow and unicorn tumbler that keep your drinks cold or hot.

"Does this keep my water ice cold? It sure does! My old water bottle could keep liquids cold for maybe an hour or two. This bottle? The ice may not stay for hours upon hours, but my water has stayed cold for around 20 to 24 hours. Love this water bottle. I just wish it would come in a 24 ounce water bottle." -Amazon Customer

"This unicorn cookie cutter is as cute as the photo. It's a good size, approx. 4" wide and 3" high, and the metal gauge is thick enough to hold it's shape well. My tween daughter was thrilled and is looking forward to making some glittered unicorn sugar cookies for her friends." -Amazon Customer

Sprinkle a little magic into tasty treats with these unicorn measuring cups.

"Absolutely adorable. I have a pretty wide assortment of Smoko products. Love this cookie jar. It’s a little smaller than I anticipated but still awesome." -Amazon Customer

"Good quality, beautiful!!! Bigger than I expected." -Amazon Customer

"How can I not love this bowl?! Unicorn. ☑️ Ramen soup bowl. ☑️ Hands down, ten out of ten! I bought this bowl because I like to use the kettle to make my ramen. I pop the ramen in, pour the water over, dump in my egg, veggies, and meat and come back five minutes later to the perfect bowl of ramen. Side note: I used it for my chicken pot pie soup and drop biscuits, and my cabbage soup. Versitle and awesome. I'm down for that. I hand wash it like most of my dishes. To preserve it's paint and keep it from getting brittle in a dishwasher. Cute. Awesome. Large. Yeah. I'm a happy momma." -Amazon Customer

"This mug is too cute. It arrived in great condition. No chips, cracks, or a bad paint job, like many mugs I’ve ordered before. It looks perfect and it’s the perfect size. I love it. Also, it says it can be washed in the dishwasher, which is a huge plus for me and so far it’s washed well." -Amazon Customer

"Favorite mug ever." -Amazon Customer

"It was the perfect outside the box gift for my friend that's a unicorn lover!!! She said it's beautiful and great quality." -Amazon Customer

"This wine glass is awesome. Heavy duty and large." -Amazon Customer

"We love everything about this lunch bag!

1. It's very light weight, suitable for young kids.

2. Easy to clean, I washed it over the sink, very quick to dry as well.

3. Has a zipper on top to prevent spill.

4. Easy to grab handle.

5. Super cute emoticons."

-Amazon Customer

Great Unicorn gift for Bridal Showers, Weddings, Tea Parties, Birthdays or any other event.

Unicorn food—brightly hued dishes that make you smile—has taken the world by storm. That means the time is ripe for a book-length celebration of its many benefits. (The rainbows! The glitter! The happiness!) So food writer and stylist Rachel Johnson has gathered 40 of her most over-the-top unicorn creations, including:

  • Rainbow Sprinkle Waffle Cake

  • Unicorn Movie Mix

  • Vanilla Sprinkle Puff Cereal

  • Tie-Dyed Grilled Cheese

  • Unicorn Universe Baked Donuts

  • DIY Rainbow Pasta

  • Glitter Pink Strawberry Marshmallows

  • Sprinkle Cake Truffles

Style an adorable beverage bar at your majestic party when you use Rainbow Unicorn Wine Bottle Label Stickers on all of your wine bottles. Red or white? It doesn't matter because these pink and gold labels will fit standard wine bottles and liquor bottles.

"The company made the UNICORN CUTE!!!! I am a huge fan! I use this diffuser as a night light too, it changes colors and its the most adorable thing (especially the mist coming out of the horn). I usually turn it on before bed. I am 29 years old by the way, it really can be appreciated at any age. I think this item is my favorite purchase this year :)." -Amazon Customer

"Very cute, my granddaughter loves it!!!" -Amazon Customer

"Beautiful - my daughter loves it." -Amazon Customer

"The little sign is printed clearly on what appears to be a wooden square box. The lettering is legible and fashioned well. The sides have a diagonal pattern that is black and off-white lines. The box is a small, about the size of an iPhone 6 but thicker. The item was smooth on all visible areas and has a matte finish. I plan to use it for a table decoration at an upcoming party. I think it looks just swell and would buy from the seller again." -Amazon Customer

"This was a birthday gift for my granddaughter who is turning 14. She loves it!" -Amazon Customer

"I bought this for my sister for Christmas. She loved it! Hobby Lobby sells a perfectly sized pillow to fit." -Amazon Customer

"This was for a gift, and it's exactly what I wanted. I believe the description mentions that this is not a soft comfortable fabric, so please be aware that it's along the lines of a fine burlap." -Amazon Customer

Pastel Nursery 'Be a Unicorn in a Field of Horses' Motivational and Inspirational Quote Decorative Throw Pillow Case.

"My 5yo niece LOVES this! I'm 27 and I love this. It's SO soft! It's about the size of the emoji pillows you see at Walmart. I've gotten some emoji pillows from the WISH app and some from Walmart and what I've noticed is that Walmart's emojis are much fluffier and softer and this one is like that! I prefer this unicorn to the emoji unicorn I saw inside Walmart and so does my niece! I love the color choices and you can easily spot treat the main part of the face if it gets dirty! So far, this is a win. Mine didn't come with any unraveling threads or cosmetic/design issues." -Amazon Customer

"I have been looking for a lip gloss like this for a very long time, I’ve tried a lot of lip glosses but this is by far my favorite...it has a subtle color, great amount of glitter and it’s lasts a good length of time. The color is very very subtle so I’m not sure how much the color choices affect the final product. But overall a very good product to keep handy." -Amazon Customer

"I bought this to add some glitter to my face and hair for my princess costume riding a Unicorn for Halloween. This stuff is awesome! When I first put it on I thought I wouldn't like it because I'd keep feeling it on my face. But once it dries - not the case at all. I tested some out on my cheeks and above my eye lids and it lasted all night long! The effect is a BEAUTIFUL dewy glow to your skin with sparkle when you move. Unlike other glitters the glitter particles are tiny, TINY and holographic - not chunky and overly garish. I even wore some above my eyelids and a dab on my cheeks to go out last night NOT in costume." -Amazon Customer

"Read the reviews before you commit. This delightful lipstick has a "magical" color-changing effect on your lips over time. The initial color goes on a beautiful iridescent blue-lavender, and changes to a deep magenta undertone after a while. It's definitely a fantasy color, hence the name. More appropriate for an enchanted evening, festival, or vacation. Not really meant for the office, unless your office is a fairyland. It looks good on several skin tones. My nieces are both warm with golden hair, I'm very cool fair with dark hair. My friend is very dark. Looks great on all of us. Try using it as a shimmer coat over other colors! Super fun to experiment with." -Amazon Customer

"These brushes are so amazing! If you are a makeup fanatic like me, you can never have enough brushes. The brushes are very soft, handles are easy to hold. These would be great for teens as well who are starting to just experience makeup. Very pretty pink and gold. The seller is wonderful , no problems at all. The product came quickly as well." -Amazon Customer

"These bags are very roomy and super well made. Perfect size for many different uses. The zippers are very strong. Really great quality. Designs are even prettier in person than in the picture." -Amazon Customer

"Have now bought nine of these...they sail around our pool holding lighted pond globes. I love them! They're charming. Worth having the smiles vs the cheaper ones with no mouths. They're sort of like a flock of ducks moving across the pool. People constantly ask where we got them." -Amazon Customer

"I'm a plus size girl (16/18) and this unicorn was perfect! Easy to blow up, but it does take about 5 minutes by mouth because it is a good size! Great quality and was so fun to use!" -Amazon Customer

"This pen was a great addition to the unicorn sketchbook and journal I gave my eight year old granddaughter for her birthday. She is a unicorn nut!" -Amazon Customer

"My daughter found the eraser version of unicorn from this company in a local store and wanted more products. The tape roll is small, but replacements are inexpensive. Good quality product!" -Amazon Customer

"Nice wide tape. Fits perfectly in the unicorn tape holder. Very bright and bold colors, cute prints. My kid loved it." -Amazon Customer

"I love love love this tape!!! But you need to be careful when pulling it out that you don't stretch it to hard or it will show some stretch marks. It's not a big deal but if you are a perfectionist then you would be unhappy. I am thrilled with it and have decorated my laptop with it since it had been scratched and blah looking. Now it is so adorable and happy 😍😁 I also used this on a lap desk to help with the slipperiness of it. I loved the desk but everything slid right off so I used this tape and another I got on here that is a pink sparkle to make stripes across it for traction. Now it's a unicorn wonderland!" -Amazon Customer

"This is a pretty big book. More like a note pad, size 8 x 10. At first I thought it would be small, like a diary, so I was pleasantly surprised that it was actually a large size pad. The design on the front is beautiful and the colors are very alive. It is for a gift for a little girl who loves unicorns, so it will be perfect for her to journal in and write down her thoughts." -Amazon Customer

"Unicorn toy is cuter than I imagined to be. It fits right in my hand, and it’s very entertaining for all ages." -Amazon Customer

"Bought these as a replacement for my Apple headphones. Works with my life proof case and stays in your ears well. Definitely recommend." -Amazon Customer

"Great color! So cute! Perfect for a unicorn party!" -Amazon Customer

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